Trip to Myrtle Beach Post Covid: What I learned

We decided to take my 1 year old son to the beach before the spring break rush. Here are some few things I learned.

• We always book Hilton and stay at the Kingston Plantation at Myrtle Beach. We stay in the Brighton Tower. When booking on the website it does give you a COVID warning about a few things: Some pools are closed, masks must be worn while walking around property, no housekeeping, no manager cocktail reception, the water park is opened for the kids, and no breakfast buffet. MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS COVID WARNING

• When we arrived to our condo, it was very clean even tho I Lysol everything down. They had the remotes in sanitized bags and individual Clorox wipes beside them

• Since there was no breakfast buffet, we definitely thought we could get an omelette, mmmm no. The only breakfast available was an egg special that included eggs(powdered) 2 pancakes, bacon or sausage and hash browns. The lady behind me asked if they had a vegetarian option, no they didn’t. At the juice/coffee station, there was 2 ladies that poured beverages. We never went back for breakfast.

• Getting ready for the beach, I noticed from the balcony that there was not any chairs and umbrellas out to rent. I called concierge, who informed me since COVID they no longer do that.

• On the beach, which the sand was whiter than normal bc people haven’t been on it, people was social distancing.

• The kids water park and lazy river was packed ever day. No social distancing there.

• We finally decided to dine in at Benjamin’s Seafood Buffet. We went early so there wouldn’t be a large crowd. You have to wear a mask while walking around, you must use new gloves every time you went to buffet.

Oh yeah, we did ride the strip, which was packed full of people. I did notice that the SKY WHEEL is no longer available bc of Covid.

Overall it was a great trip. The only disappointing thing was the breakfast. I cannot wait to plan our next trip.


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