Car Rental prices are out of control!

It’s summer time!!! Most people, like myself, have been searching great deals for travel. If you have looked at car rental prices you have seen how the prices are out of control!!!!!!

When we searched most car rental companies where ranging from $350 and up per day for a standard car not even an suv!

I was driving and noticed a billboard that said rent a car with Toyota. I was like what!!?? So I immediately googled it. Yes Toyota offers car rental, that is way cheaper that car rental companies and they provide you with the current years model!

What is required to rent a Toyota?

  • Minimum age of 21 years old. Underage fees will apply to anyone 21-24 years old.

  • Valid US Drivers License - Temporary licenses are not accepted. International drivers require an International License.

  • Major Credit Card in the Renter's name.

  • We do not accept Prepaid cards, cash, checks or Gift Cards.

  • Proof of Valid Insurance Card

  • Must have full coverage insurance which consists of comprehensive, collision and liability and must transfer to cover a rental vehicle. Please have CURRENT insurance card or Declaration page as proof of coverage.

  • $50.00 non-refundable holding fee applies to specialty, suv, trucks and vans at time of reservation. To be credited only at pick-up.

  • All our vehicles are 100% smoke-free ! A smoking fine of $250.00 [plus damages] will be applied if there is any evidence of smoking in our rentals.

  • $150 deposit.

Rental prices range from $28 a day to $74 a day!!

We highly recommend them!!


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